Productivity - Brand Marketing and Original Store / PB Marketing Products:

With over 20 years of our accumulative work,
we deliver the following line of products:

Snacks (U.S. Nuts, U.S. potato chips, U.S. tortilla chips,
U.S. popcorn, cookies & crackers, etc.)
Confectionaries (candies, chocolates, etc.)
Processed Foods (Canned sea foods & vegetables,
bottled sauces, salsa, condiments, oils, etc.)
Beverages (soda, liquor, water & wines, etc.)
U.S. Chilled & Frozen products
Home & Personal Care Products

Mission - Deliver Safe, Delicious & Fun Foods to Japanese Consumers:

In our daily business we strive to follow our motto : deliver products that are safe, delicious and fun for Japanese consumers to eat.

We always aim for high quality items, but we keep them reasonably priced for "super value" so the whole family can enjoy "unique" products from overseas countries.