Could FL Trading Network be a Successful Partner for you?

If your next challenge is to expand your products into Japan, FL Trading Network can help you meet it. If you have tried to expand unsuccessfully in the past, FL Trading Network can help you come out on top. If you need professional expertise to reach your next goal, FL Trading Network can help you get there.
FL Trading Network becomes your specialized export partner in Japan while you concentrate on product quality and production.

FL Trading Network‘s ultimate goal is to put foreign products into Japan’s mainstream market places where Japanese national brand products are mainly sold. To achieve this goal, we look for the manufacturer who:
has a management team with a solid, successful business in their home land
has popular products that will appeal to the Japanese consumer
can offer competitive introductory pricing
seeks global expansion of their business through export into Japan
is committed to understanding our unique system, which may be culturally different from any used in your native land
We share our expertise with manufacturers to make their products successful in the targeted market place first, and ultimately into the mainstream market.