This picture roughly distinguishes Japan's Food Market by category.
These store numbers are approximation.
The entire market volume is considered to be a US$380 billion industry for the manufactures.
(Based on manufacture shipment value)

FL's concentrated market place is Japan, one of the world’s business leaders with a unique culture where ancient traditions and new technologies harmonize. Since our beginning, we have worked successfully with top distribution companies who represent the Japanese business world.

First, we ascertain a suitable market for a product and set an accurate target area. Then, we work with client to provide:

R & D to create new products which will meet market needs
compatible and competitive pricing
custom fit design and packaging

In 2000, FL Trading Network made the company position clear by creating the acronym, “FAM” (Foreign Assembling Manufacture), in order to develop products together with foreign manufacturers.

FAM is our merchandising policy!
FAM tells the world that we are not only an import -export company, but we stand on the same line as manufacturers with their business policies and procedures, while contributing our expertise and techniques. This becomes the first step of our marketing process which we use to determine the target area.

“TDS” (Tactical Distribution System) is the focus of our marketing strategy as we pursue nationwide distribution service
in Japan.